Friday, November 21, 2008

Recently we've been dedicating a little time at work to playing party games. Board games, video games, random games people play. We play games and then ask ourselves, what did we like, what did we not like. What makes a good party game.

Today we hooked Poland's camera up to the big TV so he could be on a team with Steveo for Cranium. One teammate in Chicago, one in Michigan.

Here they are playing the Cranium question type that is essentially Pictionary. Steveo draws and holds the picture up to Poland's camera.

Poland: Hole! Shirt! Shirt hole!
Amanda: The clue is Place. Shirt hole isn't a place.
Allard: Time.
Steveo: It was a laundry mat! See!
Poland: I can barely see anything.
Me: This is really stupid. I'm glad we're doing this.

All in all, I've got a pretty good life.


Shaun said...

Wha? What is the Dreamcast used for?

crabbydad said...

Could my forehead be any higher?! I think it's time to start investing in hats.

Brian, XBL: LynnyrdSkynyrd said...

I'd like to know your Xbox360 gamertag, please.

And then you should get Left 4 Dead, and we should kill zombies together.