Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dad recently had his 500th win at the university where he coaches basketball in Hometown, Ohio. The school surprised him with a bobble head doll in his likeness.

Mom: [via e-mail] He thought it was funny yet nice.

They've started selling them at the games for $12.

Mom: Lots of relatives at dad's games and many bobble heads bought!?!?! Aunt Janice bought 5 and Aunt Mary bought 4 and I don't know how many Aunt Judy bought!?!

Mom sent me one in the mail. I have it on my desk at work. The back of the box has a long list of his achievements. GLIAC Coach of the Year. NABC Great Lakes Region Coach of the Year. Ohio College Basketball Coach of the Year.

When people find out that my dad is a basketball coach, they always ask how he feels about the fact that I write and do comedy and that I'm completely unathletic. As far as I can tell he's fine with it. He's always been supportive and lets me know that he's proud of me.

I wonder if he knows how proud I am of him.


Arnie said...

Young: Are they going to start making bobble heads of your whole family next?

Arnie said...

For anyone that's interested, there's a brief soundbite from my dad about the bobble head on this sports report. It's at the end.

Fox Toledo

I'm not sure how long it'll be up.

Bob Ladewig said...

I like that the bobblehead is standing on a cut-out wood plank.
Does your Dad do much coaching on pirate ships?

LoLo said...

i love how your mom uses "?!?!?!" so much. that's awesome.

Lacy said...

This is the sweetest, most touching antidote to my post about how motherhood will only bring you grief and misery.

I also like that he's half standing on a basketball court, half... floating at sea on a makeshift raft, coaching an invisible team of seagulls.

aquard said...

this is a really sweet post. i have gotten to the point in my life where i feel proud of my parents, too.

Matt said...

If we order the bobble heads through you can we get a discount? Just sayin' some of us improvisers are poor, but could still use quality desktop entertainment.

brianna said...

"I wonder if he knows how proud I am of him."

I'm the sap that gets teary-eyed from this comment.

EricaLucci said...

Aww, Arnie. That's so sweet.